Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMB) video conferencing solutions replace traditional teleconferences, E-mail and remote business trips through immersive visual remote communication methods. Small and medium-sized enterprises video conferencing solutions can improve small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve higher communication efficiency and Lower costs, to meet the needs of centralized management, allow enterprises to win opportunities in the ever-changing competitive environment, and achieve continuous, fast and efficient overall operations. Through the video conference system to solve remote meetings, corporate training and regional business recruitment, etc., it can not only improve time efficiency, but also save a lot of transportation, accommodation and venue fees.

1. Advantages of Grandvideo Video Conference System

2. Full real-time, full high-definition images, capable of high-presence "face-to-face" eye contact with all parties in the meeting;

3. AAC broadband voice, so that participants can enjoy CD-level sound quality;

4. Multiple networking modes, cloud conference, hardware MCU conference, built-in MCU conference, and VPN private network;

5. Good interoperability and compatibility, and can communicate well with all mainstream video conferencing equipment terminals;

6. Ultra-high network adaptability, with FEC proprietary technology enabled, packet loss within 20% has no effect on the system, and meetings with 25% packet loss can still be conducted normally.